Extendable Conveyor Fabrication

The Cutting Edge Fabrication (CEF) team is highly-skilled with vast experience in large custom metal fabrications. We recently constructed a massive three-rail extendable conveyor system reaching an extended length of 150 feet comprised of over 800 welded steel components at a combined weight of 30,000 pounds — One of many powered conveyor systems we have fabricated to date.

Fabrication Project Scope
Manufacture an extendable belt conveyor, mounted upon heavy equipment for mobility; the conveyor extends to transfer fluid concrete in dam and lock system construction.

Fabrication Operations Required
laser cutting, plasma cutting, production sawing, pipe bending, fitting, and welding

MIG Welding Fabrication

Two 10-ton cranes are used to carefully rotate the nearly complete 13,000-pound 70-foot conveyor base rail into its upright position for final welding. Construction of the extendable conveyor rail to this point include precisely cut, fitted, and MIG welded steel tube, pipe, plate, and bar.

MIG Welding Fabrication of Extendable Conveyor Rail
Quality Inspection of Extendable Conveyor Rail

Finishing and Final Inspection

We remove the bracing, supports and clean all welds during the finishing stage. Quality checks took place at every fabrication phase; now, we enter into the final inspection to review every square inch of the structure again.

High-Quality Product

The 3,000-pound inner conveyor rail passes quality inspection by meeting or surpassing all design specifications and moves to our shipping area for customer delivery. This level of expertise and quality make Cutting Edge Fabrication the preferred metal fabricator.

Completed Extendable Conveyor Rail
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