Abrasion-Resistant Shot Blasting Equipment Fabrication

The Cutting Edge Fabrication (CEF) team has extensive experience fabricating custom industrial shot blasting equipment, manufacturing a full range of components, including blast cabinets, blast wheel housings, rotating drums, and barrels.

Shot blasting machines deburr and clean metal parts by removing oil, dirt, mill scale, and rust, preparing them for welding, painting, powder coating, or other finishing operations. Blast cleaning methods, including wheel blasting and air blasting, follow the same general principles of forcing shot or abrasive media against a metal part’s surface to achieve the desired surface finish. Due to the extremely abrasive process, much of the equipment is manganese-steel alloy and AR plate construction, incredibly strong and resistant to wear. We are experts at cutting, forming, and welding manganese and AR (abrasion-resistant) plate.

Shot Blast Cabinets

We fabricate shot blast cabinets in a multitude of sizes and complexity, as shown in the photos. Regardless of design, CEF is ready to execute your plans to specification.

Fabrication Operations Required
laser cutting, plasma cutting, production sawing, metal shearing, press brake forming, rolling, fitting, and welding

Shot Blast Cabinet Fabrications
Rotating Drum Fabrication

Rotating Drums

Rotary drum or barrel shot blasting machines are an excellent solution for cleaning small to medium batches of small to medium size parts. Just as shot blast cabinets, drum fabrications come in all sizes and shapes. The drum shown is nearly finished and will have bracing removed when complete.

Fabrication Operations Required
laser cutting, plasma cutting, press brake forming, rolling, fitting, and welding

Blast Wheel Housings

Centrifugal wheel blasting utilizes a wheel mechanism and centrifugal force to clean metal parts. Depend on CEF for your high-quality, durable, abrasion-resistant blast wheel shells.

Fabrication Operations Required
plasma cutting, production sawing, fitting, welding, and CNC machining

Blast Wheel Housings Fabrication
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