Oxy-Fuel Flame Cutting Services

Cutting Edge Fabrication’s CNC precision flame cutting services feature two state-of-the-art oxy-fuel torches to produce high-quality flame cut parts. It is a very cost-effective, precise method to cut complex shapes out of thick steel plate on an 11’ x 28’ burn table, with bevel cutting capability. Please contact our friendly customer service department to discuss your oxy-fuel flame cutting needs.

Flame Cut Thickness Capacity
  • 6” Steel (152.4mm)

Cutting Edge also offers laser cutting and plasma cutting services.

Flame Cutting Services

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Cutting Edge’s 11’ x 28’ CNC burn table has two oxy-fuel stations and can cut various metal types, thicknesses, and angles. The video shows the accurate cutting of a 3.25” thick piece of A36 steel plate.

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Flame Bevel Cutting

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Cutting Edge’s oxy-fuel torches have contour beveling capability. The video shows the precise radial bevel cutting of a .75” thick piece of ASTM A514 / T1 steel plate.

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About Cutting Edge Fabrication
Cutting Edge Fabrication (CEF) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified sheet metal fabrication company specializing in processing raw metal materials, welding medium to large metal structures, and components. CEF fabrication services include welding, metal forming, metal bending, state-of-the-art plate cutting - laser, plasma, and oxy-fuel, shearing, high-performance production sawing, precision CNC machining, full assembly services, and quality inspection. The company has been conducting business since 1990 in Milwaukee, WI.

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