Metal Sawing

Cutting Edge Fabrication (CEF) began as a non-ferrous, and ferrous metal saw shop and continues its precision production sawing as a core service. We emerged as a sawing leader providing high-quality, efficiency, speed, and unparalleled customer service. Today, our CNC programmable and fully automated feed saws cut faster, are more accurate, and provide consistent bundle and single quality cuts. CEF saws a wide range of materials up to 10,000 pounds and 60 feet in length.
Metal Type Sawing
aluminum, carbon steel, high-alloy steel, iron, nickel-based alloys, stainless steel, steel, and structural steel

Metal Shape Sawing
angle, bar, beam, billet, channel, and tube

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Click to Play Mitering Bandsaw Cutting Video

Watch Mitering Bandsaw Cutting Video

Our automated straight cut and miter sawing service provide precision and high speed when cutting various metal types. A coolant system helps lubricate the cutting process, cooling hot metal chips and extending blade life. We can program mitering from 90° to 30° angles, with a bundle or single cut capacity of:

Rectangular Capacity (h x w)
  • 90° - 20” x 30” (508mm x 762mm)
  • 45° - 20” x 19” (508mm x 482mm)
  • 30° - 20” x 12” (508mm x 304mm)
Round Capacity
  • 90° - 20” (508mm)
  • 45° - 20” (508mm)
  • 30° - 14” (355mm)

Click to Play Automated Cold Sawing Video

Watch Automated Cold Sawing Video

CEF’s automated cold sawing service provides speed and precision for cutting steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Featuring a precision circular saw blade cutting with exacting tolerances that plunge cuts with a clean and smooth finish, eliminating additional machining.

Cutting Depth Capacity
  • 2.75” (69.85mm)

About Cutting Edge Fabrication
Cutting Edge Fabrication is an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal fabrication company specializing in processing raw metal materials, welding medium to large metal structures, and components. CEF fabrication services include welding, metal forming, metal bending, state-of-the-art plate cutting - laser, plasma, and oxy-fuel, shearing, high-performance production sawing, precision CNC machining, complete assembly services, and quality inspection. The company has been conducting business since 1990 in Milwaukee, WI.

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