Metal Cutting Service

Cutting Edge Fabrication offers a wide variety of production sawing to meet your needs.
  • Small Jobs and Individual Cutting Projects
  • Cutting for Any Type of Machine Shop
  • Fabrication Projects and Jobs
  • Parts Handled Up to 10,000 Pounds
  • 40’ And 60’ Lengths
Five production band saws and one production cold saw provide the capacity to cut all types and grades of materials both to close tolerances, dimensionally and in square.
  • Angle
  • Channel
  • Beam
  • Tubing
  • Bar

The fully automated band saws have a cutting capacity from 3/8” to 18” including bundle cutting capabilities. Two of the production band saws have mitering capabilities to streamline production.

Our Hydmech M-20A band saw is capable of programmable mitering from 90 to 30 degrees and up to a 20” by 30” cut at 90 degrees.

Cold Production Sawing Efficiency

Faster and more economical cold sawing is the way to cut carbon steel, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. With very tight tolerances cuts come out accurately in length and square with closer cuts than with a band saw and a much better surface finish. Another advantage is the potential to minimize or eliminate additional machining, using a metal cutting circular saw blade producing parts more accurately:

  • Cutting Capacity of Up to 2-3/4” Thick Metals

At Cutting Edge, we use unique auto-load cold saw tables. The fill continues to load new bar stock automatically – not manually – it is part of the equipment. The automation is designed to drop good parts into the finished area and to discard the short pieces.

It’s a maintenance-free operation which brings better pricing for your metal part projects, passing the advantages on to you. Send us your blueprints and we will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

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Hydmech M-20A Band Saw

Hydmech M-20A Band Saw

Saw Cutting Metal

Saw Cutting Metal

Production Saw Closeup

Production Saw Close-up

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