Press Brake Service

A press brake is a standard piece of equipment, found in any custom fabrication shop, used to bend sheet metal. At Cutting Edge Fabrication (CEF), our team and state-of-the-art hydraulic presses take our press brake service to the highest quality level. At the foundation are heavy-duty CNC press brakes with computer-controlled backgauges and brake force pressuring. Our engineers and designers can program the exact placement, bend angle, and brake force required to form complex radius, convex, concave, conical metal panels, and parts; each metal type and thickness demands a unique approach. Our highly-skilled operators use custom gauges and other measuring devices to deliver the desired shape and final metal forming specification. CEF has several press brakes, with the largest being a 20-foot with 750 tons of force.

Metal Type Forming
aluminum, AR (abrasion-resistant) plate, armor plate, carbon steel, heavy steel plate, high-alloy steel, iron, manganese, nickel-based alloys, sheet metal, stainless steel, high strength steel, and structural steel

Metal Shape Forming
thick plate and sheet

Large Forming

Cutting Edge’s 20-foot press brake uses 750 tons of force to form a wide variety of metal types and thicknesses. The video shows the massive bump forming of a 183” x 63.125” x .25” thick piece of ASTM A572-50 steel plate. Four different bump positions with varying CNC controlled brake force applied formed the 45° radius corner part.

Watch Large Press Brake Video

Large Press Brake Forming

Conical Forming

The video shows the conical bump bending of a .25” thick piece of ASTM A572-50 steel plate on our 12-foot, 400-ton press brake. Our highly trained operators applied 25 different bump positions to form this part with varying brake force applied by CNC control.

Watch Conical Press Brake Video

Conical Press Brake Forming

Heavy Plate Forming

CEF’s 20-foot, 750-ton press brake is shown forming a 1.25” thick piece of A36 steel plate. The CNC controlled automated backgauge delivers accurate positioning during the brake press process.

Watch Heavy Plate Press Brake Video

Heavy Plate Press Brake Forming
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